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Why Choose Us

  • Open Every Day!
  • Only 39 Miles from Disney & Wind Tunnel
  • 1/2 way between Orlando and Tampa
  • Jump from 14,000 feet
  • Our aircraft will carry large groups
  • Team of licensed tandem instructors
  • Team of Videographers to film your skydive $95 per person
  • Serving skydivers for decades
  • Tandem price: $199; experienced: $23!

Our Location

Upcoming Events

10/2 - 10/5 Heroes Skydiving
20, 50, 100 way Sequentials

10/10-12: SIS Event

10/31 - 11/2: Festi's Halloween Freakout

11/20-23: Team Elite


Welcome to our world

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learn to skydive
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Your life will never be the same...


photos by Laszlo Andacs & Adam Teeling

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